DIY – Minimalist necklace using found objects

triangle necklace two ways
Triangle Necklace worn two ways


  • pliers
  • round nose pliers
  • cutters
  • file
  • 600 sandpaper


  • inner pen tubing
  • paperclip
  • ready-made chain
  • jumpring

I was inspired to give myself the challenge of making a necklace that incorporated ‘found objects’ that anyone could recreate and here is the result! This necklace upcycles/recycles objects into a necklace that you can change around whenever you like.

The necklace pictured above is one version of the necklace worn two ways. This necklace has sterling silver tubing at the base of the pendant but you can substitute this for other objects such as those I will mention later on in the post. A website like will have something similar to the sterling silver tubing to replace it such as cylindrical sterling silver tube bead approximately 25mm long.

shaping a paperclip

Open and re-form the large round edge of a paperclip using round pliers so both curves are equal. Cut off any excess wire with cutters so it looks like the paperclip at the bottom of the photo.



triangle necklace with found object
Finished necklace

The finished necklace has a length of inner tube from a pen which has been placed over the wires. Cut a length of tube with cutters that is approximately 25mm long. Avoid cutting into any ink in the tube and file and sand any sharp edges. Insert the ends of the paperclip into the ends of the tube and squeeze the wire to fit more closely around the tubing. To get a frosted look to the tubing, sand the tubing with a piece of sandpaper to create a matt surface. Another option may be to use some brass or copper tubing or whatever you like!

Finally add a jumpring (a little cirular piece of wire) over the paperclip and thead the chain through it. Close the jumpring using pliers.

And you’re done!


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