Views of the beach


aerial np resize 600
Silver shorelines Necklace (Aerial view) Waves coming into the shore.

This necklace was inspired by aerial images of shorelines and experiencing time at a beach. To me, an aerial view gives you on one level an understanding of an area and its elements and on another, it provides a new way of looking at an area in terms of a pictorial image. It allows the viewer to enjoy seeing a transformation from something in realistic form to seeing in the semi-abstract. The aerial image, due to its condensed nature, when perceived in a more abstract and pictorial form, provides a focus on colour, form, texture and pattern.

I enjoy these aerial views and consequently wanted to a design a necklace about the topic. The completed necklace is symbolic of an aerial view but also incorporates the idea of a remembering an event, for example, an evening at the beach and all that is beautiful about this experience.


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