New Jewellery

Hello reader!

Sharing some new pearl jewellery here. Love pearls!

November has been a lovely month so far with the weather being warmer in general. It has been beautiful to see the local Adelaide beaches particularly in the evening with people enjoying a stroll, swim or stand up paddle boarding. I enjoyed being at Stirling Laneways Market, South Australia in October and look forward to another enjoyable day tomorrow! See my website for details if you are interested in visiting! Oceanhaze Jewellery The Adelaide Hills are looking beautiful and the main street of Stirling along with a great array of stalls are definitely worth a look! The cafes are great too! Being situated near the Red Cacao Cafe is very convenient – I’m looking forward to one of their waffles!

Hope you have a great Sunday wherever you may be.



Jewellery for a Market Stall

Hello! Ive been busy making some jewellery for a stall I have at Stirling Laneways Market – Stirling, South Australia and hope anyone who is in the vicinity will drop by and say hello! Always enjoy meeting new people and catching up with friends at the market. 

I have a range of jewellery available with new designs at each market. I also offer the service of having your jewellery cleaned and polished for a minimal cost. Need to get your ring size for future reference? I offer this service too. 

The Adelaide Hills look especially lovely in Spring. Stirling is picturesque and the Mt. Lofty Gardens nearby are well worth the trip to see beautiful blossom and stunning scenery. I must add also that some of my all time favourite cafes are in Stirling too (Organic Market Cafe, The Patisserie and the Red Cacao to name a few). Come and enjoy!

The Stirling Laneways Market is in the Main Street of Stirling (Mt. Barker Road). My stall is situated in the Tiers Mall. 10am – 4pm.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day😊

Inspired by Coastal Dune Plants

Hello reader!

This post is about my new series of work inspired by the beautiful and interesting forms of coastal plants I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in the dunes as I’ve headed down to beaches in Port Elliot, South Australia. Usually I’m pretty eager to get down on to the beach but I often find I’m waylaid by some plant that is glinting in the sun or a plant that stands out because of its unusual colour or form.

This series of work is a stylised and almost symbolic version of the plants I’ve seen. The jewellery designs are like the plants in note form, a memory of unexpected pleasure that made my visit to the beach more special.

The collection will no doubt grow as there are more designs I wish to make.

The beauty of the beach and dunes often surprise me with something new to experience each time I go there and I imagine this may be the same for other people as we are often drawn back to experiencing the beach again and again.

Hope you are having a great day.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

For more information or to shop these piceces click here

Industrial style Jewellery Stand 

Hello there,

Occasionally I like to make something other than jewellery and I wanted a jewellery stand that would fit in with the style of the other things on my table so here is the result😀

The jewellery stand is inspired by the New York Industrial style -The wavy wire design is reminiscent of vintage light globes. The different types of vintage globes are lovely to see I find.

The jewellery stand is quite compact –  H175mm W110mm L110mm and allows you to loop, hang or thread jewellery over the wire frame. I find it handy for displaying my ‘go to’ collection of jewellery in one place ready for my day and I’ll be using it for my market stall display.

The Stand was designed as a fluid one line drawing – creating balance through its design structure while keeping the industrial style as creative inspiration. It is made of solid copper which I think is a lovely colour😌

Thanks for reading!


Views of the beach


aerial np resize 600
Silver shorelines Necklace (Aerial view) Waves coming into the shore.

This necklace was inspired by aerial images of shorelines and experiencing time at a beach. To me, an aerial view gives you on one level an understanding of an area and its elements and on another, it provides a new way of looking at an area in terms of a pictorial image. It allows the viewer to enjoy seeing a transformation from something in realistic form to seeing in the semi-abstract. The aerial image, due to its condensed nature, when perceived in a more abstract and pictorial form, provides a focus on colour, form, texture and pattern.

I enjoy these aerial views and consequently wanted to a design a necklace about the topic. The completed necklace is symbolic of an aerial view but also incorporates the idea of a remembering an event, for example, an evening at the beach and all that is beautiful about this experience.

New in the shop

medium res 600

I was inspired by David Attenborough’s documentary on the Great Barrier Reef to make a coral shaped pendant and here it is on a bracelet. The design was hand drawn, traced onto sterling silver and then cut out with a jeweller’s saw. The edges of the pendant were filed and sanded and then a brushed surface was added. There is so much beauty to enjoy on the Great Barrier Reef and I hope it will be there for many generations to enjoy.


DIY – Minimalist necklace using found objects

triangle necklace two ways
Triangle Necklace worn two ways


  • pliers
  • round nose pliers
  • cutters
  • file
  • 600 sandpaper


  • inner pen tubing
  • paperclip
  • ready-made chain
  • jumpring

I was inspired to give myself the challenge of making a necklace that incorporated ‘found objects’ that anyone could recreate and here is the result! This necklace upcycles/recycles objects into a necklace that you can change around whenever you like.

The necklace pictured above is one version of the necklace worn two ways. This necklace has sterling silver tubing at the base of the pendant but you can substitute this for other objects such as those I will mention later on in the post. A website like will have something similar to the sterling silver tubing to replace it such as cylindrical sterling silver tube bead approximately 25mm long.

shaping a paperclip

Open and re-form the large round edge of a paperclip using round pliers so both curves are equal. Cut off any excess wire with cutters so it looks like the paperclip at the bottom of the photo.



triangle necklace with found object
Finished necklace

The finished necklace has a length of inner tube from a pen which has been placed over the wires. Cut a length of tube with cutters that is approximately 25mm long. Avoid cutting into any ink in the tube and file and sand any sharp edges. Insert the ends of the paperclip into the ends of the tube and squeeze the wire to fit more closely around the tubing. To get a frosted look to the tubing, sand the tubing with a piece of sandpaper to create a matt surface. Another option may be to use some brass or copper tubing or whatever you like!

Finally add a jumpring (a little cirular piece of wire) over the paperclip and thead the chain through it. Close the jumpring using pliers.

And you’re done!

Places and inspiration

seagull shadow


As you can probably guess my work is often inspired by a sense of place – the beach! Do you have a place that inspires your work or just makes you feel inspired?

Living by the beach, I’m continually surprised at how the same location can look so different each time you go there. I find this especially if you are photographing it as it highlights the different effects of light and weather etc. on an environment. I like to find particular elements within an environment and interpret that into a jewellery piece. It may be the pattern and texture of ripples in the sand or how an aerial view of a beach has a distinct shoreline that may be interesting to trace into a piece of silver.

When down at the beach in summer I was inspired to photograph some shadows cast on the pure white sand of Glenelg Beach and here is an example in the photo above. Hope you are also enjoying the environment you are in.